Sustainable product


Packaging for e-commerce

Systemic design and sustainable paper packaging for e-commerce


The project combines research and teaching to define future scenarios for e-commerce and develop new sustainable packaging concepts, adopting a Systemic Design approach.


The project involved the students of the design courses of the Politecnico di Torino, through two challenges aimed at designing the new system and packaging models for e-commerce. Meanwhile, the research team analyzed the current and future e-commerce scenarios to define the future sustainable development trends of this industry.

General Info

Commercial research project (public institution), national
Consorzio COMIECO
Scientific supervisor:
Silvia Barbero
Project team:
Eleonora Fiore, Agnese Pallaro, Amina Pereno



March 2015

Project start

July 2017

Results of the first packaging challenge

on e-commerce logistics systems

February 2018

Results of the second packaging challenge

related to various e-commerce logistics systems

July 2018

Project end


Pereno, A., & Barbero, S. (2019). The sustainability of packaging for e-commerce: from system to product. In: Proceedings of 3rd LeNS World Distributed Conference 2019 “Designing sustainability for all” (pp. 301-307), Bangalore, India. ISBN: 978-88- 95651-26-2

Barbero, S., & Pereno, A. (2020). Packaging Design in the Digital Age. A systemic approach to e-commerce. Milano, Italy: FrancoAngeli. ISBN: 978-88- 35111-14-6

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